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Blue Planet features performances of George Benson, Carl Anderson, Chanté Moore, Phil Perry Jeanette Jurado and more….

  1. Blue Planet
  2. For Sina
  3. Brazilian Dance
  4. Prelude
  5. Portuguese Love
  6. Cruisin’
  7. Kona Girl
  8. No Love In Sight
  9. Keep Rollin’
  10. Yesterday’s Dream
  11. Maybe There Are Reasons
  12. Berlin Romance

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Nils’ first release features an All-Star cast of artists, including George Benson, Carl Anderson, Jeanette Jurado, Nathan East, Chanté Moore, Phil Perry, Bobby Lyle and more. As Carl Anderson put it – “Nils has unbridled power when he puts his hands on his guitar. This music exposes him in a way that cast him among the giants of the genre. Listen to this man play! – and listen to me sing… :o)“

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