the instructional book from chart topping recording artist NILS

Get Nils unique take on guitar imrovisation and theory

” Nils has done his homework and now aspiring guitarists can benefit from his experience by studying How To Make Your Guitar Talk “. Phil Upchurch

This is a book about improvisation on the guitar. It differs quite a bit from your typical “How to play rock (or jazz, blues, polka, whatever) guitar”- book. This 160 page book is not style specific. Techniques learned in this book can be applied to any playing style.

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“How To Make Your Guitar Talk” has something to offer to a variety of level of players. The ideas and exercises in this book will give you material to work on for years to come, no matter what level you’re on. But the main difference between this and any other book I have seen so far is that this book teaches a method for improvisation. It not only teaches you riffs and scale patterns, it shows you how to structure and build a good solo. Most other books might show you scales and licks, but come short when it comes to showing you how to use them. This is like giving you the tools to build a house, but no blue print. “How To Make Your Guitar Talk” provides this blue print.

No matter what your level of technique and your vocabulary of scales might be, it will show you how to use what you’ve got to express yourself. After all, improvisation is an art of communication.

Comes with a CD full of examples and exercises

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