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Nils best work as a writer and producer to date

  1. Two of a Kind
  2. Alley Cat
  3. Don’t Hold Back
  4. Saturday Night
  5. Call of the Sirens
  6. In a Moment
  7. Open Space
  8. Malibu
  9. Spin Cycle
  10. Night Flyer
  11. Milkshake
  12. Everything

Nils’ first full studio album since 2012. And it was worth the wait. Featuring performances of Johnny Britt, Nate Harasim, Clydene Jackson, Olicer C. Brown, Kathryn Bostic, Darryl Williams, Reggie McBride and the late Ricky Lawson.

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Nils is back in town and he’s turning everything upside down …again! The long awaited Alley Cat project takes you to a place where you’ve never been yet always wanted to go. It’s designed to sweep you off your feet, onto the dance floor and then into the arms of the one you love
Another excellent project. And nothing to get in the way of total bliss as this cat melodically purrs his way back into your heart and soul one more time.-

Don Martin
Founder of Style Quarterly


” ‘Alley Cat’  is Nils’ most sophisticated work to date. Strong in the identifiable signature electric guitar sound that is only Nils, yet laced with acoustic intricacies woven throughout the record.” – Elaine Miller

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