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Cool Chill by Nils

CD Cover String Theory

  1. Save Us
  2. J’aime Paris
3. Too Big To Fail
  4. Dove’s Cry
  5. Fahrvergnügen
  6. There is no Backup
  7. Wetness
  8. The Dream
  9. Dreaming of You
  10. The Blue Tribe
  11. Hipnotized

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Nils love for electronic music and bands like Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada and the Chemical Bros. is clearly being expressed in this first CD ‘Vibrations’ and shows a very different side of his musical talents. Vibrations with 6 vocal and 6 instrumental tracks is more synth heavy and when guitar was used it is more in a David Gilmore/Pink Floyd kind of approach. And like Dark Side of the Moon a lot of the tracks evolve into each other. The Single ‘Too Big To Fail’ makes a strong political statement as well as being a musical power track.


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