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download your favorite Nils song as a jam track

these are the original album tracks remixed by Nils

without the lead guitar.

 downloads also include lead sheet in PDF format

from the CD ALLEY CAT

  Two of a Kind  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Alley Cat  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Don’t Hold Back  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Saturday Night  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Call of the Sirens  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  In The Moment  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Open Space  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Malibu  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Spin Cycle  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Night Flyer  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Milkshake  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Everything  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  whole album/ 12 tracks  $24.99  download jam, tracks & lead sheets




from the CD Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Hihgway

  Pacific Coast Highway  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Summer Nights  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Back Pocket  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Georgy Porgy  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Cruisin’  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Coming Home  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Hey Ya  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Sneakin’  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Baja California  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  You’ve Got A Friend  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Keep Rollin’  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
Pacific Coast Hihgway
  whole album/ 12 tracks  $24.99  download jam, tracks & lead sheets

includes lead sheet and instructional video for Kona Girl




from the CD City Groove

CD cover City Groove

  Casablanca  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Let’s Bounce  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 City Groove  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Red Wine and Sunsets  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Sunset Blvd.  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Call Me  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet


from the CD Jazz Gems

Jazz Gems

  After The Storm  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet




from the CD What The Funk?

Jazz Gems

 Shake It  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Jump Start  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
 Sarah Smile  $3.99  download jam track & chord chart
  Dance With Me  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Detroit Strut  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet




from the CD Up Close & Personal

Jazz Gems

  Jazz Cruise  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet
  Europa  $3.99  download jam track & chord chart
  East Bay  $3.99  download jam track & chord chart




from the CD Blue Planet

 Berlin Romance  $3.99  download jam track & lead sheet




Also available:

the ultimate Nils Songbook with backing tracks 19.95


Nils guitar Hits transcriptions                          Nils guitar Hits Lead Sheets
Book Gtr Hits Tab_innen

11 tracks, note by note guitar transcription or  lead sheet version

– beautiful full color print with photos and comments about each song.

Pacific Coast Highway, Summer Nights, Cat Nap, Jump Start, Let’s Bounce, East Bay, City Groove, Red Wine and Sunsets, Shake It, Call Me and Sunset Blvd


the Nils Songbook Expansion Pack with 9 additional tracks not in Guitar Hits 12.95

the selection includes
lead sheets for
Back Pocket
Coming Home
Just Smile
Last Night
Midnight Breeze
Ready To Play
Sunrise on Sunset
and more…