Mallorca – Nils tour blog part 10

The flight to Mallorca was short and painless. I was a bit worried that I would have to argue with the attendants to bring my guitar on board, because it was a full flight. But I got on with no problems.
At the airport I ran into Gerald Veasley, who just had arrived from the States. There were a couple of staff volunteers arriving at the same time and driver who waited with a sign had a panicked look on his face. He only spoke Spanish, but after awhile we understood, that he was expecting only one person, but 5 people had arrived. So we had to wait for him to get a bigger car. I took the opportunity to get to know Gerald a better. He lives in Philly and I don’t get to see him that often.

When we arrived at the hotel it was first class all the way. There was a welcome banquet, and the hotel and staff are just wonderful. IMG_6631Christian Bößner, who organizes these Festivals, really got this one right. I am happy to see that his hard work is paying of. It seems to get better every time I come back.

rehearsalThe next morning we had a rehearsal for the All-Star concert. Everybody got to pick a tune, something simple enough for everybody to learn quickly. Most artists were fighting their jet lag. I was glad that I had a full week in Europe already and was used to this time zone.
The All-Star concert took place in the most spectacular setting. An unfinished church offered the backdrop to an open-air venue with its majestic walls.

The concert was a total blast, we don’t always get the opportunity to jam with each other, so for the artists and the audience this was a special treat. Each night there are two concerts and then an after party. Richard Edwards is really a superb DJ and had the crowd going all night. When I left at 3am it was still in full swing.
I heard it went on until 5 am.
Tonight I have to go to bed just a bit earlier, because I have rehearsals for my show on Sunday in the morning. The festival provides the backing band for each artist. I had played with some of the musicians before in previous years at festivals in Augsburg and Biberwehr. They are very capable players and I hope we can take the show even further now, that they are familiar with my groove.

I will let you know how it went. Til then……

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