The airport Shuffle – Nils road blog part 7

Hey there is a song title in that. :o)
Don’t be surprised if it pops up on my next album.
Anyways, I had to find out that German Wings, which I booked to fly me to Berlin, is a lot stricter with the weight limits of my items than the airlines in the US.
I cleverly packed my big suitcase to just about 23kg or 50 lbs., by putting all the heavy transformers, foot pedals, etc. into my hand luggage. To my surprise I was asked to weigh my carry-on luggage, and with 35 lbs. it was more than double the allowance.

electronics in my carry-on

electronics in my carry-on

As you can see in the picture, I have to bring different types of plugs for the various countries I am traveling to. The TSA always has a field day when they run it through the scanner. They always want to have a look what’s in the bag. I don’t mind, I’m used to it by now.
Now I was sent to another counter to pay for an extra piece of luggage so I could check in my hand luggage. Cost: $80, about half of the airline ticket. There I was given the option just to repack get the carry-on down to 18lbs and pay $50 for the big suitcase being overweight. Ok, so I took the heavier pedals out of my Carry-on and put it in the big suitcase. I also put some of the smaller, but still heavy pedals in my guitar gig bag. For some reason the airline had no issue with my guitar though, which was a relief. I ALWAYS carry it on.
I took the neck pillow, I got for the long overnight flight out of my suitcase as well as the duffle bag, Southwest Airlines made me buy in North Carolina. I gave the empty duffle bag away to a grateful flight attendant. No reason to schlepp it all over Europe. Now my hand luggage was cool and my big suitcase was only about a pound over. The attendant let it slide and checked it as is. I actually got a refund for the $50, since it was now deemed to be within the weight limits. Brilliant, as they say here in the UK.
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